Christian Costardi


Interpreters of the Piedmont territory, but able to look beyond the borders, the Costardi Bros are a defined and recognizable brand, which declines in diversified realities, without ever losing the value of the origins and identity that characterizes them. Christian and Manuel Costardi, born in Vercelli and raised in the kitchen of the hotel restaurant founded by their grandparents, they stayed to trace their gastronomic identity here. Family and territory are the key words that define them. A starting point to go far. It is a bond that does not prevent them from evolving, traveling and arriving until today, in the historic center of Turin, between art and history, to write a new page of their continuous becoming. Growing up surrounded by rice, they have always wanted to convey their Piedmont through the main ingredient that characterizes it. Telling it in a contemporary key, keeping the Piedmontese tradition alive. A story that becomes inspiration to find new languages, capable of giving life to a current and modern tale, while keeping their roots firmly in place.