Arturo Brachetti will be  the great master of ceremonies  of the dinner event taking place at the Mole Antonelliana on 29th October. He will be conducting the night at “Circo Fellini”, leading cardinals and fanfares, generous tobacconists and poetic Gelsominas between the great chefs’ courses. 

Arturo Brachetti is the greatest quick change actor in the world, with a “gallery” of more than 350 characters, 100 of which he interpreted in a single night. He brings his vast artistic experience to the scene: quick-change,  stage magic, sand art, mime, shadow play… his repertoire is continuously evolving. In his career he has received several awards, including the Prix Molière (FR) and the Laurence Olivier Award (UK). In 2014 the President of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano on his own initiative honoured him with the title of Commendatore.
In his career, the “most famous forelock in Italy” has touched all aspects of the entertainment world, working on stage, in front of a camera and, lately, behind the scenes. As a director and art director, Arturo wisely mixes quick-change, comedy, stage magic, shadow play with poetry and culture. He has directed performances and concerts, comedies and musicals in Italy and abroad. He has a historic and special relationship with Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo, whom he directed in “I Corti”.